Who We Are?


SHEsha Express is a women-owned premier mobile hookah catering company, providing a high-quality hookah experience for any event. 


Our Mission ?


SHEsha Express aims to conveniently provide an experience that helps enhance a comfortable, relaxing, energetic, and stimulating environment to homes, bar establishments and social settings.  We go above and beyond to seek out the best products while maintaining a competitive reputation. Featuring a variety of flavors and the best equipment to ensure an overall pleasurable experience. 


What makes us different from other mobile hookah catering companies?


1. We strategically use the highest quality equipment to enhance the longevity of a session.

2. For a healthier experience, we use a natural lighting process which does not contain harmful chemicals and enhances the flavor of the tobacco.

3. We offer an herbal shisha option for those who prefer a non-tobacco and non-nicotine based experience.